Level classes last 4 months. The program corresponds to the entire course and is not divided by months. The reason is simple: each teacher covers the entire program but takes into account the pace of learning of the group. Each group of students is unique, it is very important to adapt the method without neglecting the correct learning of the 4 skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading).

holingua aprende un nuevo idioma


Introduction to the knowledge and use of the basic structures of the Spanish language. Students will acquire a minimum competence in the four skills, that is, oral comprehension, oral expression, written comprehension and written expression, being able to use the language as an instrument of communication.

Course contents:

1.Greet and say goodbye. Spell out. Tell.

2. Introduce yourself and someone. Ask and give personal information. Physical description, character and taste.

3. Talk about your interests. Talk about the weather. Describe an object. Introduce your family. Locate a country or a city.




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