Music to my ears

Have you ever wondered why some songs stick in your head more than others? Or, how some have the power to calm you down? Or, that one song that makes you feel hopeful, or powerful? How about music soothing the brokenhearted? I’ve always enjoyed the different facets of music – singing, playing the guitar, and listening to my favorite tune (sometimes all three at the same time). But, when it comes to teaching, music is a no-brainer for me.

Research shows that music can help release stress and anxiety. Music helps students divert their attention from the fear of making mistakes when using the language orally and the social scrutiny to the enjoyment of feeling the vibration of sounds and words. I usually incorporate one or two songs in lessons every month, it helps me keep the whole class involved and marks transitions between activities. They help my students understand grammar and vocabulary, therefore review, remember and practice the target language effortlessly. Language skills can benefit from the use of songs in class, students practice pronunciation, listening skills, communication, intonation, etc., and it’s fun altogether.

Coldplay, a British rock group, is my favorite band. I enjoy singing along and listening to their songs. And I usually search the lyrics to teach a language focus. For example, the song “Viva la Vida”, it helps my students practice past habits or specific events in the past. The song “Yellow” helps review some irregular verbs in the past tense. I usually use a website to make the activity more interactive and fun,, there, my students can choose to type or multiple options to fill in the gaps the missing words. You can explore that website and start practicing the English language with your favorite song!

I can’t make up my mind about which Coldplay song is my favorite, literally all of them include at least one line that I relate to, they lift my spirits every time. I’d like to share one song from their 7th studio album released in 2016 with you, “Hymn for the weekend”.

Turn the speakers up!

music to my ears